Orchid House


We encourage you to explore and read our reviews below. Your fellow wine lovers have shared their thoughts, experiences, and impressions, offering invaluable insights into what makes The Orchid House Winery a truly unique destination. By delving into these reviews, you will gain a deeper understanding of the exceptional quality of our wines, the passion and expertise of our staff, and the warm and inviting atmosphere we strive to create.

First visit -- had dinner with two other couples. Venue was lovely, rustic and charming. Dinner was delicious, we sat by the window overlooking the water and fire feature. Weddings must be beautiful here.

Carol T.

We had the most wonderful time here and the food was impeccable. The staff was wonderful and went above and beyond for us. We will definitely be back and bring friends and family with us!

Sara S.

The day of our wedding was beautifully done! The entire day they checked up on us to make sure we were happy. That is exactly how you want to feel the day of your wedding! We had our dream wedding and you helped make that possible!

Aschli N.

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